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Palazzin. The only real one.

Enjoy our unique nut cake baked with locally sourced, authentic Engadine walnuts. All thanks to the microclimate of Nairs.

Historic cultural monument and natural treasure 'Nairs'

The Scuol Palace was opened as the Kurhaus Tarasp on July 26, 1864, and expanded in stages into a unique architectural ensemble. Today, as the overall Nairs complex, it is classified as a “cultural asset of national importance” (A-list).

But the entire Nairs complex is not just a cultural monument, but also a monument to nature. The chosen site for construction was a special place, located on the Inn River in Nairs, also known as “Black” due to the always dark-looking rock wall on the opposite side of the Inn. Land accumulated by the Inn over millions of years was chosen as the construction site. An island, created by the Inn, with a very unique microclimate where deciduous trees thrive that cannot be found at 1200 meters altitude elsewhere – summer linden trees, chestnuts, oaks, ashes, birches, maple trees, and many more adorn the park of the Scuol Palace. And our 150-year-old walnut tree.

Exclusive Engadine Nut Cake with Local Nuts

The ‘Echte Walnuss’ (Juglans regia) is only found in the Alps at altitudes of around 1000 meters under very specific microclimatic conditions. Only Nairs (located at 1200 meters) meets these conditions throughout Engadin. Scuol Palace is proud to offer the only Engadine nut cake baked with local nuts: our Palazzins, the only thoroughly local Engadine nut cake biscuits – at least as long as the annual harvest lasts.

Confirm Measurements of Unusual Temperatures and Magnificent Growth of Walnuts for 150 Years.

For those who do not want to rely solely on nature observation when it comes to seeing the special microclimate of Nairs – we also have measurements. The Scuol measurement station records an average annual temperature of 7.1 degrees Celsius for the year 2023. The measurement station at the Scuol Palace records 8.5 degrees for 2023, and the Villa Victoria measurement station (located a little closer to the ‘black’ rock wall) records 7.7 degrees in the same period. Thus, the measurements tell us the same story: a special microclimate that allows the walnut (i.e. the ‘Welsh’, from even slightly southern Romanesque-speaking areas) to thrive splendidly, a phenomenon that has lasted for 150 years now.

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