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Scuol Palace - the magic of mineral water.

Scuol Palace, opened in 1864 as Kurhaus Tarasp, was a magnet for aristocracy and artists thanks to the healing mineral water of the surrounding mountains.
Learn to enjoy it!

© Dominik Täuber
© Dominik Täuber

Historical healing water and a spa - since 1864

Water is perhaps the most important reason why the Scuol Palace was built and opened on July 26th, 1864 as the Tarasp Spa Hotel (built by Felix Kubly). Not the water of the Inn that flows past the hotel park, but the water that for many years makes its way through the surrounding mountains to finally bubble up to the surface as mineral water and healing water. Crowned heads from all over Europe (and beyond), wealthy ladies and gentlemen of the better society, artists and writers came to this place for a century, where the first grand hotel in the entire Engadin was built for them. They drank the mineral water from the surrounding Scuol mountains daily, bathed in it, and were treated by spa doctors who, in addition to the daily drink, prescribed walks to support as natural healing processes as possible.

Explore the unique heritage of Nairs - Spa Tradition, Art, Culture.

The entire Nairs complex was designed for this spa tradition. In addition to the hotel, there is still the machine and bathhouse, but today it is the Nairs Cultural Center, a grand place for the creation and exhibition of art – check out the many exhibits! The greenhouse, which supplied the hotel park with floral splendor, an Anglican church for the many British guests, the Villa Victoria, built for special guests (rumored to be Queen Victoria), and the magnificent drinking hall can also be found. The latter will be completely renovated in the next few years and features the fittings of three famous springs: Emerita, Luzius, and Bonifazius. These are currently inaccessible, but the Carola spring (named after Queen Carola of Saxony, who frequently stayed at the spa hotel) is accessible and only a 3-minute walk from the Scuol Palace.

© Andrea Badrutt
© Andrea Badrutt

The Sources and Scuol Palace: Healing Power for Body and Soul

Upstream and downstream you can find many other sources, with sounding Rhaeto-Romanic names such as Sfondraz, Lischana, Vi, Sotsass. Since the early days (first historical evidence dates back to the 14th century) people have sought physical and psychological healing here. The mineral waters help against stress-induced gastric disorders or depression, the high magnesium content in the water helps with relaxation, hydrogencarbonate calms the mind. To be sure, today you can have all these ingredients assembled in a pharmacy – but there’s one ingredient the Scuol Palace offers to the healing power of the mineral water that you can’t find in a pharmacy: fun, pleasure, entertainment, ambiance – because healing also needs, quite naturally, pleasure for all the senses.

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