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& Healing

Welcome to a hotel that offers not only accommodation but also a cultural experience. Relax your body and mind!

Health &​

Body Therapies

Immerse yourself in our world of relaxation, where body and mind resonate in harmony – with a little friendly help from us. Discover wellness offers, experience inspiring yoga classes (flexibility is an advantage), explore the depths of the psyche (don’t worry, our psychologist usually has a safety rope ready), indulge in energetic therapies, and relax with soothing massages.

Your refuge for inner harmony in the midst of fleeting, old-world luxury – experience our house as a quiet oasis for the senses. But first, take a look at our current program offerings, as we don’t offer all of this regularly yet.

Wellness & Relaxation

After a beautiful day in the Engadine Mountains, there’s nothing better than treating yourself to some good old-fashioned R&R at the Scuol Palace. Our extensive wellness area offers pure relaxation – when it’s up and running, that is. We’re working on it!

Rooms &


Enjoy stylish elegance in a double room with a comfortable bed, generous windows, and modern amenities. Whether it’s a double room or a huge suite, we have the perfect room for you.

Mit folgenden Services kannst du in der aktuellen Phase unseres Projekts rechnen:

Wir sind im Aufbau! Ein solches Hotel möchte sanft aus seinem Dornröschen-Schlaf geholt werden. Deswegen beleben wir es mit Geduld. 
Alle Details zu unserem Projekt und den Besonderheiten gibts hier.