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Welcome to a hotel that not only provides accommodation with basic service, but also offers a cultural experience. Not always, but as far as we’re concerned: more and more often.

Experience a unique atmosphere.

Experience cultural diversity in the heart of Engadine! Our hotel combines the charm of the past with a wide range of cultural offerings at fair prices. That’s what mountain dwellers can do.

Enjoy monthly live concerts, solo singing, magical musicals, or orchestral performances. Immerse yourself in a world in which the elegance of an old, revered grand hotel meets artistic creativity.

Welcome to a hotel that not only offers simple accommodation services but also provides a special cultural experience from time to time.

Enjoy your drink at the lobby bar

Welcome to the lively heart of our historic Scuol Palace cultural hotel – the lobby bar. Pacific. And sometimes more.

Whether you’re our valued hotel guest or a curious visitor, the lobby bar warmly invites you to experience a beautiful evening in a stylish atmosphere.

Association Musical a Scuol

Thanks to the Musical a Scuol association, our hotel benefits from a diverse and almost urban cultural program. From traditional performances to reggae vibes and even rave parties, they bring life to our venerable walls with an Engadin cultural program that showcases what us mountain folk do best.

Looking for an exceptional event location?

Contact us! We will surely find a pragmatic and exceptional solution for your needs.

With our request form, you can directly register your event.

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