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The Scuol Palace offers you a beautiful cultural program with a grand hotel feeling for everyone at fair prices. Because our hotel service is more than just a simple bed and breakfast. We are different, is that right for you? Find out!

We try ourselves out.

Such a hotel needs to be gently awakened from its Sleeping Beauty slumber. That’s why we’re revitalizing it with patience. We are under construction!

Please note that there are still limitations on our services and amenities. We offer lower prices and look forward to your feedback.



We break with convention – no room service during your stay, no interim cleaning. Your room will only be cleaned after your check-out, as a conscious act of consideration for the environment and individuality. The reception is deliberately limited (self-check-in!), because time with us is precious – we have far too little of it. Bring your personal care items with you, as we do not want to dispose of mountains of them after each stay. Your bed welcomes you with warm hospitality, and fresh towels await you in the bathroom for your well-being.


for all.

Once crowned heads used to stay in our house, but today every person counts. Traditional yet contemporary, we provide a grand hotel atmosphere for all. Everyone feels equally valued and warmly welcomed here – a place where history and modernity go hand in hand. Because with us, every guest writes their own story, and all are equally important protagonists in our mountain hotel.


for you.

We offer a beautiful cultural program in the luxurious ambiance of an old, nearly renovated grand hotel, with only the hotel services of a simple bed and breakfast – reflected in our fair prices. Our goal is to make culture available in the splendidly gray ambiance of an old grand hotel – for everyone. The Queen of Saxony, who once resided here with her entourage, would probably not come back today. But that’s okay with us. How about you?

Find the perfect room

Enjoy stylish elegance in the double room with a cozy bed, spacious windows, and modern amenities. Whether it’s a double room or a huge suite, we have the perfect room for you.

Mit folgenden Services kannst du in der aktuellen Phase unseres Projekts rechnen:

Wir sind im Aufbau! Ein solches Hotel möchte sanft aus seinem Dornröschen-Schlaf geholt werden. Deswegen beleben wir es mit Geduld. 
Alle Details zu unserem Projekt und den Besonderheiten gibts hier.