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The Renaissance of Scuol Palace as a Spa and Cultural Center in the 21st Century.

The Scuol Palace was opened on July 26, 1864 as the Tarasp Kurhaus, and developed in stages into a unique architectural ensemble. Today, as the Nairs ensemble, it is classified as a “cultural asset of national importance” (A-list).

Crowned heads from all over Europe and beyond (such as the last queen of Saxony, Carola, after whom the Carola Spring is named), wealthy ladies and gentlemen of high society, writers and artists (such as Robert Musil, Kurt Tucholsky, Paul Klee) came to this place for over a century, where the first Grand Hotel of the Engadine was built for them. The Kurhaus Tarasp virtually invented the Grand Hotel tourism in the Engadine and served as an architectural model for many other prominent hotel buildings: such as the Waldhaus Vulpera, the Schweizerhof Vulpera, and the Waldhaus Sils.

The declining interest in traditional spa tourism during the progressive 1950s and 1960s marks the beginning of a difficult period for the Grand Hotel. This culminates in the dissolution of the Tarasp-Schulser Society, which had operated the spa since its founding. In 1982, the Scuol Palace is taken over and renovated by the Senn family of hoteliers, but it is sold again in 1990 (to Testa/Triacca) and successfully operated as a Robinson Club until 2006.

Following another stint as ‘Europe’s largest kosher hotel’ (Abraham Friedmann), it was acquired in 2013 by an American investor group and extensively renovated.

It is now owned by the Nakash family, who also own several other hotels around the world, including the Setai Hotels (such as the Setai Miami, listed among the top 10 hotels in the world).

The Scuol Palace reopened as the Scuol Palace Spa and Cultural Center on December 26, 2023, returning to its original purpose, but now with a modern twist: the once outdated trend of spa tourism has now become a megatrend of the 21st century, focused on wellness and health. And as pleasure plays a significant role in good health, the Scuol Palace now offers a variety of cultural events throughout the year, ranging from entertaining to challenging, but always delightful.

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